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Last of the Akumas - Plan 08

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 08
Author: angel_yin
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Summary: These boys are out to cheat girls' feelings...but are they that bad?
Warning: Akuma boys.
A.N.: alsykt here again posting on behalf for my friend~
This was a sequel to Watashi wa...Akuma desu where the HSB were the seniors.

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Chapter 08: Start of a long… fresh game.

Kanon crouched in the corner of the room and stared at the white piano that stood under the light. “Kanon…” Sakiko walked into the piano room silently and called out to her twin, “It’s time to go to school.”


The murmurs filled the entire hallway and their schoolmates pointed at them as if they were being weird. Kanon stared at the crowd of people and pursed her lips in agony while her sister tried to encourage her by squeezing her hand. The moment they reached their seats, their classmates tried to shift the tables away from the two, not knowing which is which. “Kitagawa twins…” Mai sneered in her honey-coated voice, “How dare you have the guts to come to school today?”

Kanon inhaled deeply and stood up daringly despite the terror in her heart, “Why can’t we come to school today?”

“Oh, because you’ve forgotten to write Yamada-Sama an apology letter!” Mai glared at the two, confused by the identical look of surprise on their face for a moment before she continued, “Oh please. Don’t tell me that you don’t know you have to write it! Do you have to make me tell you!?”

“But… we haven’t done anything wrong so why should we write it?” Sakiko pushed herself away from her chair and demanded, “You were the one who appointed that piece!”

“Kitagawa Kanon. Don’t be so full of yourself.” Mai threatened her with gritted teeth, closing the distance between her and Sakiko, “I did not appoint that piece! You hear me? You were the one who insisted on playing it.”

Kanon swallowed hardly upon seeing her twin being mistaken as her while Saki glared back hardly to return Mai’s menacing glare. Kanon then shook her head and plucked up her courage, determined to embarrass Mai in front of the crowd, she bit her lip before she decided to throw away her timidness. “Mai-San, you still can’t tell us apart can you?” Kanon smiled and folded her arms out of the blue, “How interesting. Even after we’ve known each other for so long… well, I guess Mai-San is just too busy fooling around with her beauty products to care for her classmates.”

“I… I…” Mai stammered when the crowd burst out laughing upon hearing Kanon’s comment, “I know how to differentiate the both of you!”

“If you’re that sure, then… give me a reason why would you think that the girl standing next to you is Kitagawa Kanon and not Sakiko?”

“I… I…” Mai stammered some more, losing her confidence in the midst of the mockery, “I just know it is Kanon!” she shouted, losing her lady-like stance.

“Well, I’m sorry to say that I’m not.” Sakiko feigned a look of apologetic on her face before Mai shrieked and took off fuming but this was not the end of it.


“Who was that girl yesterday that had dared to play Canon in D?” Yamada demanded lazily while lying on the creamy white sofa with his legs propped up on the arm rest.

“Kitagawa Kanon desu,” Ryutaro replied gently, “but… Yama-Chan, why are you interested in knowing who she is…?”

“Yuto, Keito, Chinen…?” Yamada called out to the rest of the Akumas and sat up immediately, “Anyone of you interested in her? If not, I’ll kill her myself.”

The rest of the Akumas stared at each other worriedly upon hearing Yamada’s words. He may seem to be calmly saying those terrible words but deep inside, they know that his blood is boiling and it does not seem to them that the anger would subside any time soon.

“You want to make her leave this school?” Yuto asked curiously.

“No… in fact. I don’t want any other schools to accept her.”

“But you can just expel her immediately if you want that…” Chinen said innocently.

“Ah!” Keito snapped his fingers and said, “I know! Yama-Chan wants to fool with her!”

“Bingo.” Yamada whispered and stared at the door, “And this time… it’s going to be… a long, hard game.

Oh… a game? Yuto thought with a cocky smile on his face, well, this is going to be fun. I haven’t seen Yama-Chan so hyped up for ages.


Yamada sauntered down the aisle with his hands tucked in his pockets and with the other Angels following closely behind him. He led the clique into the classroom of the Kitagawa twins’ right after their math class ended and announced, “Kitagawa Kanon.”

Kanon was about to stand up when Saki grabbed her and shook her head slightly before standing up together. Yuto was shocked for a moment as he had failed to see Kanon’s face yesterday and so was Yamada. Twins…? Yuto thought and continued to stare at the two in bewilderment. Then… who was the one playing the piano yesterday then? Was it the same girl with Kento?

Yamada rolled his eyes and laughed to himself for a second, “Kitagawa Kanon-San… I really admire your performance yesterday. Would you allow me to send you a gift as a form of apology for my unruly behaviour?”

The two stared at each other with Kento and Misaki looking on worriedly. “The two of us will go together.” Sakiko said upon seeing Kanon’s frightened face.


“So tell me…” Yamada interrogated the two who were standing in the middle of the classroom belonging to the five princes of the school, “which one is Kanon…?”

The twins look at each other and refused to speak in front of the five Angels. Yamada sniffed and faked a smile in front of the school before he scoffed, “Don’t test my patience.”

“If you won’t tell us, then it’s alright with us…” Yuto said with his gentle voice, gazing at the girls and smiling at them kindly… almost too kindly for comfort, “I’ll just bring in Kento and Misaki.”

“Oh, they have body guards?” Chinen looked surprised for a moment and propped his head onto his hands and observed the girls carefully as if they were artefacts, “Whoa… it’s shocking…”

“Then those bodyguards must not be doing a very good job.” Ryutaro spoke without looking up from his sketching.

“Don’t talk about Kento and Misaki like that!” Kanon shouted abruptly and wanted to take a step forward but was held back by Sakiko who shook her head in disapproval.

“Oh, looks like she’s got a hot temper~” Keito muttered in utter admiration for the tigress on display and slapped his hands, “it’s amazing. I thought every girl in this school is lady-like.”

“Kitagawa-Sama’s girls right…?” Yamada questioned the two and rubbed his chin knowingly, “Hmmm… she just made a name for herself in the business world but sad to say, it won’t do you two any good because it’s still my empire.”

“Then what do you want us to do!?” the both of them retorted at the same time at the mention of their beloved mother.

The rest of the Angels were taken aback by the united two standing in front of them and Chinen found them interesting. “I just want to know who is Kitagawa Kanon.” Yamada said as-a-matter-of-factly and rose from his seat calmly, “it’s that simple.”

“I…” both of them started and then stared at each other for a moment and knew what was going on. There was no way Kanon is going to let Sakiko to pretend to be her in front of these devils! “Sakiko, you head back to class first.” The girl on Yamada’s left hand side spoke in a small voice and bit her lower lip, clasping both hands around her twin’s hand to assure her, “I’ll stay.”

“Kanon!” Sakiko gasped in disbelief that Kanon actually exposed her identity, “Why are you doing this!?”

“Gooood~” Yamada sneered and went over to touch Kanon’s cheekbone, his finger trailed down to her chin and tilted her head up,

“Kitagawa Kanon, you’d better be looking forward to this game. It’s been ages since I’ve had some serious fun.”

“Keep your dirty hands away from her!” Sakiko shouted and pushed his hand away, pulling the two of them backwards and further away from the Akumas who now encircled them, closing in slowly.

The Akumas did not stop walking until the twins came to the door that was shut. “Your hands are dirty, not mine.” Yamada said serenely, tucking his hands into his pockets and looking at them arrogantly, “dirty from the tune that you’ve played.”

“Mai made her do it! It’s not as if she wanted it!”

“Mai made me do it! It’s not as if I wanted it!” the two shouted at the same time as if it was a normal reaction and glared at the Akumas hardly, showing them how tough they were.

“Mai… Mai… Mai…” Chinen made a ‘tsk’ and shook his head, “How many times do you want to repeat that? I believe Sakiko-San said that the other day too but Mai came out to clear things didn’t she?”

“Excuses…” Ryutaro remarked and stared at them with his innocent eyes that now seemed emotionless.

“I’ll make arrangements for the games to start, Kitagawa Kanon.” Yamada said, ignoring their earlier sentence, “please look forward to tomorrow’s morning announcement. I’m sure that it’ll be a pleasant surprise.”

“You’ll be honoured.” Yuto chimed in, smiling at the two in front of him.

“If Kanon is getting punished because of her lunchtime performance the other day then I’m getting it along with her too!” Sakiko shouted and glared fiercely at the Akumas, feeling protective of her twin.

“You can try to write yourself an invitation card if you want to join in.” Keito laughed smugly and crossed his arms, “but it’s still up to us if we’re going to let you in the game or not.”


“I’m going to make you fall for me so deeply that you can’t get me out of your head…” Yamada said with a scornful look on his face, twirling his pen lightly with his right hand, “and then I’m going to dump you for good.”


School ended in a flash and the twins were worried about the problem before them—they were sure that things were going to change in their lives… drastically. “Misaki, are you going back with us?” Kanon asked with a hopeful glance.

However, Misaki took a look at Ume before he disappointed Kanon, “Gomen, Kanon-Sama. I’m going out with Ume today.”
Sakiko took in all of this and pouted, narrowing her eyes at Misaki in an unfriendly manner. Something was definitely changing and she does not like what she sees. “It’s alright then!” She said suddenly, breaking the awkward silence in the now empty classroom and took Kanon by the wrist, “Kanon! We can go home without Misaki!”

“Sakiko-Sama…!” Kento called desperately after his mistress and gave a loud groan before grabbing Misaki by the collar in frustration, “You don’t even care about Kanon-Sama, do you!? What’s the point of becoming her body guard then!?” after which, Kento pushed Misaki away and ran after his two mistresses.

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