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Last of the Akumas - Plan 09

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 09
Author: angel_yin
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Summary: These boys are out to cheat girls' feelings...but are they that bad?
Warning: Akuma boys.
A.N.: alsykt here again posting on behalf for my friend~ I hope I'm not irritating anyone by spamming their friend page.
This was a sequel to Watashi wa...Akuma desu where the HSB were the seniors.

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Chapter 09: Angels or Akumas?

“Kitagawa Kanon… I’ve been waiting for you.” Yamada said the moment the twins got out of their black Mercedes.

“What is this?” the two asked at the same time when they noticed that the group of Angels were standing at the drop-off point waiting for them!

And… along with them were their overly-enthusiastic fans who were screaming their voices hoarse out to their princes. The five Angels dazzled under the morning sun, making the twins back away a little, “Are they Angels or Akumas?” Sakiko whispered to her younger sister.

“Wakaranai desu demo… if they’re really Angels… why did they do that yesterday?” Kanon replied timidly, trying to be heard above the screams and refusing to let go of her sister’s hand.

“Ikou.” Yamada muttered and grabbed Sakiko by her arm and dragged her roughly away!

“Ch-Chotto matte yo!” Sakiko and Kanon yelped at the same time and Sakiko pushed Yamada’s hand away under the many eyes of the excited fan girls who were gathered there.

“Can you girls stop saying things at the same time!?” Chinen asked in a charming manner though a little irritated, “It freaks Ryuu-Chan out.”

“Da yo ne.” Ryutaro agreed.

“Watashi wa Kanon jya nai!”
“Watashi wa Kanon desu!” Sakiko and Kanon said at the same time and the rest of the school looked at them in confusion. Murmurs dispersed in the crowd of students standing around to watch the show and the twins fidgeted uncomfortably under the glares of the Angels as well as the entire student body.

“Dakara…!” Kanon said boldly after swallowing hardly and ignoring the weird stares of her schoolmates, “I’m Kanon! Why in the world did you grab my sister for!?”

Yamada’s mouth twitched in annoyance after realizing his mistake while Yuto smiled knowingly, feeling amused. “Why in the world do you have to look so much like each other then!?” Yamada retaliated, determined to not be embarrassed by Kanon.

“Nobody told you to look at us anyway…!” Sakiko shouted, feeling more courageous now that Kanon decided to speak up despite her timid character.

“Omae wa…!” Keito started but was interrupted by Kento who spoke, “If you can’t tell them apart then just give up, Angels. It’s impossible.”

“Ii desu…” Yamada smiled at them, a smile that melted the hearts of others but not Kanon’s, “we could know each other better and then we’ll know how to differentiate them. Isn’t it true Kanon-Sama?” he walked towards Kanon and was a mere few inches away from her.

“Yamada-San…” a familiarly reassuring voice to Kanon was heard from behind the crowd and came forward to stand in front of her, “I would appreciate if you were to keep your distance from Kanon-Sama.”

“Takahata Misaki.” Yuto greeted, answering the question in Yamada’s mind at the same time, “nice to see you here.”

Ignoring Misaki’s earlier comment, Yamada grabbed Kanon by the wrist and wanted to pull her away when Misaki grabbed her other wrist as well! As expected… Yuto thought smugly. Another good show being put up by Ryosuke…! Demo… isn’t this the first girl who picks someone else other than him? Hmm… how is he going to handle it…?

“Takahata Misaki… I would appreciate if you could get your hand off my girlfriend.”

The word ‘girlfriend’ set murmurs amongst the crowd immediately and Kanon flustered for a moment, “No! It’s not true! I’m not his girlfriend!!”

Misaki glared hardly at the Angel and pursed his lips before loosing his grip on Kanon…

Mai’s pencil broke feebly into halves while her grip on the halves continued to tighten as the corner of her lips twitched. She glared at the twins through the glass window of a classroom and all elegance was lost in the fury as she threw the broken pencil into the dustbin and shrieked in displease.


“What was that about?” Yamada demanded upon dragging her into their clubhouse, “trying to embarrass me in front of everyone else out there? Not a chance!”

“Honto ni… Angel jya nai darou?” Kanon retorted timidly now that she was all alone but at the same time refusing to admit defeat,

“Then why are you so afraid of letting the school know?”

“What’s the point?” Chinen questioned with a smile on his face, “Letting them know wouldn’t change anything. They’ll still like us.”

“No they won’t!” Kanon stomped her foot in frustration at the haughty behaviours of the Akumas.

“Then just try going out there and tell them that we’re Akumas.” Yuto suggested with a blank look, “and then let me know how many agreed with you.”

“Yeah,” Keito chimed in, “then count your anti-fans who might ambush you anytime, anywhere.”

Kanon’s hand rested on the door knob before she let it go reluctantly, sighing in defeat as she turned around to face the Akumas once more. “Then tell me…” she whispered, desperate to be let out of the room, “What do you want me to do?”

“You don’t have to do anything, Kanon-Chan.” Yamada replied gently, with a smile on his face, “You just have to play along with me like a good little girl and I’ll let you go after that.”

Kanon’s chest stirred with fear as she took a deep breath to calm herself down. She bit her trembling lips before she nodded, “ii yo,” she answered, having no idea where had she gotten her guts from.

However, before she could say anything else, the bell rang—signalling the start of the string of lessons, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Yamada-San, but then I’m afraid that I have classes to attend. I’m sure that you wouldn’t want a filthy girl like me to stay a second longer in this room do you?” she said sarcastically to piss him off even more, “I’ll take my leave now if you don’t mind.”

Not wanting to admit defeat to her earlier behaviour, Yamada took her shoulders and pushed her to the door suddenly! “You’d better take every step from now on carefully, Kitagawa Kanon.” He spoke through gritted teeth while narrowing his eyes at her with the rest of the Akumas staring, “The Akumas will not let it go just like that… especially what happened this morning…”

“How about telling me that after you’ve learnt to tell me and Sakiko apart?” Kanon interrupted him rudely with a cocky look on her face and shrugged his hands off, “If you can’t even do something so simple. Then, who are you to call yourself my boyfriend?”

With Yamada standing right in right of her, Kanon pulled the door open as calmly as possible and stepped out of the clubhouse. Right after the soft ‘click’ of the door, Yamada growled and punched the wooden door, “Kitagawa Kanon…” he muttered menacingly and continued, “I will not let you go like that! Be prepared…!”


“Sakiko…!” Aoi came down the aisle of the classrooms and barged into Sakiko’s classroom during lunch break, “Is it true!? Is it true that Kanon is Yamada Ryosuke’s new girlfriend!?”

“How can Kanon be his girlfriend when she likes someone else?” Sakiko said hastily without looking up from her work, “what nonsense.”


“Aoi, you’d better stay away from them too.” Sakiko advised kindly after taking a deep breath, “They are not really that angelic as they seem to be.”

“Heh?” Aoi pouted, “Mou, Sakiko… are you trying to make me dislike them?”

“Aoi, I’m not trying to make you dislike them…!” Sakiko snapped in annoyance and slammed her pencil on her desk, “They are heartless people who are just out to play games!”

“Who’s out to play games…?” a sing-song voice poured from the opened backdoor of the classroom—Yamada Ryosuke, “I would love to play it too.”

“Ah! Yamada-Sama…!” Aoi squealed in delight, lost for words and gasping for breath while Sakiko and Kanon ignored the Angel and went back to doing their work.

“Ignoring us…?” Yuto asked curiously as he sat in front of Kanon and stared at her attentively while she tried her best to avoid eye contact with that Angel and scribbled away in frustration with trembling hands, “Kitagawa-San… can you bear to ignore us like that? Other students are staring away you know…”

“Isn’t this enough?” Misaki warned them as he pushed himself up from his seat, “I’m sorry but Sakiko-Sama and Kanon-Sama are busy at the moment. Perhaps they might be available if you come back later. May I invite you to leave…?”

“My… my…” Yuto started and smiled at Misaki, “isn’t Takahata-San fulfilling his duties well today? SHOCK da yo ne~”

“Yuto-Sama, I believe that you are in no position to interrupt a lesson just like that.” Kento said calmly to his older brother with great politeness to show how much he detested his brother, pushing himself up from his seat, “Please leave the classroom quietly.”

“Nakajima Kento.” Yuto smiled some more at his little brother, “This is not the way to talk to your Onii-Sama.”

The sentence stirred up murmurs that irritated Kento who slammed the desk with his fist and glared hardly at Yuto, “I do not have a brother like you!”

“Kento!” Sakiko warned and stared at him, “rein in your emotions and stop acting like a spoiled brat!”

Their math teacher was appalled by the scene in front of her but she could not do anything to stop these students. It was beyond her position of a teacher in this school for they were told specifically to not to care about the Angels. “Ah… so if the one who’s talking to Kento right now is Sakiko then you must be Kanon.” Keito snapped his fingers and turned his attention to the twin who was sitting down trembling with fear as she bit her lower lip.

Sakiko could only stare at her twin with her mouth wide open at the unconscious betrayal that she had just done. “Misaki,” Kanon called out to her bodyguard as she stood up slowly, “come, let’s go with the Angels.”

“Misaki is not allowed to come.” Yamada announced coldly with his hands tucked into the pockets of his trousers, “there is no need for your bodyguard with me around.”

“I do not trust your skills.” Misaki retaliated carefully, “I’m hired for a reason. Without me, Kanon-Sama will not be able to have a proper conversation with you. Wherever Kanon-Sama goes, I go. Take it or leave it.”

Yamada bit his lower lip and sighed in exasperation, melting the rest of the girls in the class while the guys watched on attentively. Kanon was growing weary of the scene in front of her with Yamada Ryosuke constantly pressurizing her in front of the crowd. “We have no use for you Takahata Misaki.” Chinen repeated, “The five of us here is more than enough.”

“Kanon is not a toy!” Sakiko shouted and stared at both parties that were reluctant to let her go, “if Misaki is not allowed to go, then can I at least be allowed to accompany her? If you want to humiliate her then this is enough…!” Sakiko stopped for a moment to stare at Misaki and then back at the Angels, “Kanon is my sister. I know her better than any of you do. Misaki is going to follow her.”

“Misaki is not needed.” The Angels repeated themselves clearly.

“My way or no way.” Sakiko dared them boldly, making Yamada fuming even more than before.

“Kanon… do you really need him?” Ryosuke went up to her and feigned a look of concern whilst touching her porcelain cheek with his fingers, “Or are you just scared of me…?” he whispered discreetly to her.


I think I’m dying at this rate. Kanon sighed as she stared quietly at Ryosuke who was mad that he had to give in to her. “Omae wa…” Ryosuke glared at Kanon and then at Misaki before starting his sentence all over again, “You’re really reliant on him aren’t you?”

“That’s because I like him!” Kanon shouted in front of Ryosuke, “Even though he already has a girlfriend… I like him! That’s why I’m NOT your girlfriend!”

“What?” Yamada scoffed and cupped Misaki’s small face one handedly and squeeze his cheeks, “you prefer this skinny monkey to my beautiful body!?”

Misaki slapped Yamada’s hand away boldly and glared at the Akuma. He was about to say something but was cut off by Kanon, “You’re beautiful but your heart is ugly!” she insisted, “You have an ugly heart! That’s why you’re an Akuma!!” after saying that, Kanon took Misaki by the wrist and stormed out of the clubhouse, leaving the rest of the Akumas shocked. It was not the first time that someone rejected them but it was the first time that someone rejected them because of another guy—a guy that was not one of the Angels.

“I’m going after her.” Keito said after noticing Yamada’s scornful look on his face when Yamada punched the antique coffee table rashly.

“Yama-Chan, are you angry?” Chinen asked fearfully, making an awkward face as he tried to peep at Yamada’s face.

“No,” Yamada replied a little too soon for comfort, “I’m not angry! Why would I be angry? I’m really not angry! I’m just… PISSED.”

“Uh… Yama-Chan…” Yuto said with his arms folded neatly in front of his chest, “isn’t that the same as being angry?”

“NO!” he insisted, “I’m pissed! I’m not angry! Not at all!”

“You’re just living in denial.”

“I’m not!” Yamada insisted childishly, “FINE!! Give me the dictionary! I’ll change the meaning to that damn word!”

“You’re just living in denial…” the rest of the Akumas whispered.

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