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Last of the Akumas - Plan 10

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 10
Author: angel_yin
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Summary: These boys are out to cheat girls' feelings...but are they that bad?
Warning: Akuma boys.
A.N.: alsykt here again posting on behalf for my friend~ This will be at least for now. I need to go to sleep~~ zZzZzZ
This was a sequel to Watashi wa...Akuma desu where the HSB were the seniors.

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Chapter 10: I get what I want

“Kanon-San…!” Misaki called out to his lady worriedly one morning, “It’s been long enough… the bullying has to stop now. I think… I think we’d better go back and apologize to Yamada-Sama.”

“Why should we apologize to him!?” Kanon asked, staring at Misaki in bewilderment, “we haven’t done anything wrong…!”

“Kanon-Sama!” Misaki shouted at his kind mistress for the first time and then stared into her eyes, “You have to take back what you said! You cannot lie to him that you like me just because you don’t want to be his girlfriend! You have to tell him that it’s untrue!”

“But I really like you, Misaki!” Kanon shrieked and hugged him tightly, upset that Misaki was still running away from her feelings, “I’m not lying!”

“Kanon-Sama,” Misaki muttered guiltily and patted her head after much hesitation, “I’m afraid that I am in no position to return your feelings for me… I’m… terribly sorry.”


“Kitagawa Kanon,” Yamada called her out during lunch break and pointed to the pond where the two sprinklers worked their magic, “I dropped something in there… can you be kind enough to get it back for me?”

“What did you drop in there?” Misaki questioned, feeling suspicious about the Angel standing in front of him and the rest of the school, “can’t you just get the cleaners to come get it for you?”

“Don’t be rude, Takahata.” Yuto commented, “I see that you’ve gotten more daring than before… however, we’re not your next door neighbours.”

“If Yama-Chan wants Kanon to get it for him, then it must be something really important.” Chinen chimed in gaily.

“And if it is something really important,” Keito continued gleefully, “Then I’m sure that Kanon will do it without questioning him… ne?”
With the entire student body looking at her and Yamada feigning a pitiful look on his face, she knew that she could never squirm out of the mess. She was about to reply when Sakiko interrupted, “you got the wrong girl, Yamada-San. I’m Kanon… that was Sakiko you were talking to.”

Then, without another word, Sakiko carefully climbed into the knee-deep pond to search for that ‘something’ that Yamada had lost.

“What exactly did you lose?” Kento asked the arrogant guy.

“I forgot… I think it was a ring…” Yamada replied with a worried look, “Am I troubling you, Kanon-Chan?”

“No, it’s no trouble at all…!” Sakiko replied with a plastic smile as she continued to wade around the pond clumsily, “I’ll find it before you go home…!”

“Oh, since there are two of you…” Yamada clapped his hands and turned around to the real Kanon, thinking that she is Sakiko, “Then may I trouble you to look for it in the pool? I’m not sure where I dropped it… I was at the pool this morning you see.”

“What!?” Kento shrieked and scoffed unpleasantly, “You might as well search the entire campus then!”

“Oh, that’s a good suggestion.” Yuto smiled, “I’ll leave it to you then, Kento. Good luck.”

The Angels then left the four fuming silently on the inside while they walked back to their clubhouse, smirking at the four secretly.


“Sakiko-Sama!” Kento called out to Sakiko who was still wading in the pond, looking for Yamada’s ring, “I really think you should go home now! Leave this to me; I’ll look for it by myself! You need to rest!”

“What rubbish!” Sakiko retaliated, “Kento, I’ll never leave you alone! I brought this upon myself anyway… pretending to be Kanon.”

Meanwhile, Misaki was busy diving for… Yamada’s ring. “I can’t find it…” Misaki panted when he came up for air, “I think he was lying, Kanon-Sama… let’s just go home, it’s getting late.” And just when his sentence ended, his sensitive ears caught a rumble of thunder that went unnoticed to Kanon who was too absorbed with the pool.

“Misaki!” Kanon heard a female voice calling out to her bodyguard just as he came up with his wet uniform, “let’s go home…! It’s getting really late!”

“Ah, Ume!” Misaki said and smiled apologetically, “Gomen, I don’t think I can send you home today, I have to take care of Kanon-Sama.”

“Mou~” Ume whined, “Kanon-Chan is old enough to take care of herself. Besides, you know that Yamada was only out to fool her right? Let’s just go now…” after which, Ume dragged Misaki away, leaving only Kanon in the stadium.

The thunder started to growl angrily the moment Misaki got into Ume’s car. Sakiko caught sight of them leaving just as she was walking along with Kento towards the swimming arena. Sakiko blinked for a moment and gave a sharp yelp when there was a sudden flash of lightning followed by a clap of thunder! “Yamada-Kun…” Yuto yawned, “I think you should just ask them to come back tomorrow… I’m getting tired.”

“Yamada-Sama,” his 60 year old chauffeur agreed as he monitored Sakiko’s actions from his car, “I think that we should really go home now, madam will be worried.”

“Shut up, old man.”

Outside the car, Sakiko started hyperventilating just as the thunder grew louder and her legs gave way. “You’re bad kids!” the man shouted in his husky voice and lifted a tattooed arm, the silver part of his leather belt reflecting the light from the lamp, “how dare you hide from me when I’m reprimanding you!?”

Sakiko covered her ears and shook her head as the rain poured and drowned her in tears. She shook hardly as her vision of Kento blurred and the entire world muted as she continued her cries. “Sakiko-Sama!!” Kento shook her hardly and tried to get her to stand up so that he could get to Kanon as well but Sakiko refused to budge! “Sakiko-Sama!!” Kento hollered, trying to be heard above her hair-raising screams, “Sakiko-Sama!! Please get a hold of yourself! We have to get to Kanon-Sama!! Sakiko-Sama, listen to me!!”

Her cries for help were ignored as the whipping continued… the man’s face could not be seen as it was darkened by the bright light above him. A small figure of the same size jumped in front of her and hugged her tightly whilst her entire body shook and more cries were heard as he vented his hatred some more…

“Yamada, I think something is wrong.” Yuto shook Yamada from the sudden muffled scream that he heard from outside, “Kitagawa-San don’t look so well.”

The two left their shelter and hurried over to Kento and Sakiko with their chauffeurs chasing behind them with an umbrella. “Yamada Ryosuke…!” Kento said through gritted teeth as Sakiko crouched in Kento’s embrace and continued screaming and whimpering in terror, “are you happy now that things have come to this stage!?”

“What happen to Kitagawa Kanon?” Yuto asked, the rain wetting his school blazer and the rain drops clung onto the ends of his long eyelashes.

“Onii-Sama, this is Sakiko-Sama!” Kento replied hurriedly, “Kanon-Sama is in the swimming arena and I’m worried that something might’ve happened to her!”

“Yabaii.” Yamada cursed under his breath and took off without another word while Yuto contacted the hospital…

Waves of endless pain hit her back and she gritted her teeth together tightly, “Mama!!” the little girl screamed, “mama!!” she continued to cry. She knew that her mother had gone off to the market but she didn’t know that it would take that long. She was getting afraid.

“Mama!!!!!” Kanon screamed, hugging the support to the ladder of the entrance of the pool, the tears streamed down her rosy cheeks like endless streams of rivers, “Mama, where are you!?”

“Mama, where are you!?” she cried some more as the father separated the two forcefully and pushed one of them into the dark storeroom and locked her in, “Mama!!”

“Don’t lock her in!!!” Kanon shrieked and stood up… losing her footing and slipping into the deep pool…

“Kitagawa Kanon!” Yamada arrived just in time to witness the fall and took off his blazer and shoes hurriedly before diving in to save the drowning girl, “Stop kicking me, you idiot!” he shouted as he pulled her to the side of the pool and pushed her up the edge forcefully while she continued crying.

Coughing until her entire face was red and crying at the same time as the thunder lorded over the school, Yamada could no longer bear the heart wrenching sight in front of him and took her into his arms, rubbing her back to try to soothe her. “Kitagawa Kanon!” he muttered, “it’s alright! Everything is alright, do you hear me!?”

The twins took in shaky breaths before they lost the world in front of them and collapsed into another world of darkness…


“Kanon…!” Keiko cried and hugged the girl, relieved that she woken up, “you’re in the hospital, dear… don’t worry, everything is alright now. Misaki came for you just now.”

“Misaki…?” Kanon muttered, having no recollection of what happened a while ago.

Keiko nodded and stared at the peaceful face of Sakiko, “Why not take a breather outside? I think Misaki is outside… I’ll let you know when Saki wakes up.”

Kanon nodded and climbed out of bed carefully and shutting the door behind her, shocked and disappointed at the same time to find Yamada sitting outside her room. “Yamada-San!” she whispered, terrified… and then, she noticed the bruise on the corner of his lips, “What happened to your face?”

“Thanks to you, MISSY.” Yamada replied sarcastically, “this was a gift from your bodyguard to me. How kind of him isn’t it?” he growled before he rolled his eyes and spat, “Sheesh, it doesn’t pay to be kind! This is what I get after saving a drowning monkey!”

“You saved me…?”

“Oh no,” he shook his head and scoffed, “I killed you…! C’mon isn’t it obvious, you crazy girl!?”

“Gomenasai.” Kanon apologized abruptly and turned away, causing Yamada to look at her in bewilderment, too surprised to say anything else, “I understand that I’ve embarrassed you the other day in front of the entire class…” she explained in a soft mutter timidly, “Demo… suki jya nai desu.”

Yamada rolled his eyes and pushed himself up immediately. Yuto, who saw the situation, retreated to behind a wall to eavesdrop. “So you prefer that useless guy to an Angel huh?” Yamada scoffed, narrowing his eyes at the girl who failed to see his beauty, “then let me tell you something…” he muttered and pinned her against the wall and glared at her, “I will get what I want!”

After saying that, Yamada flicked his wrist and punched the wall, missing Kanon by a mere inch! Clicking his tongue, he then turned around and left from the other side without seeing Yuto, who was all along smiling sheepishly at the conversation. He came out from his hiding place to look at Kanon, who was now joined by Misaki. “Kitagawa twins… you certainly make life interesting.” Yuto grinned happily, “The way Ryosuke is acting is just… so unpredictable... because of you.”

[Chapter 11]


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Jun. 27th, 2013 03:36 pm (UTC)
woah!!!! this fic really great!!! i demand for more updates!!! plz...plz...plz...!!!
so complicated, curious on what's next...poor the twins...
but, i love how u make the twins characters which seem fragile but strong enough to face those akumas... oh, & i LOVE JUMP obviously... :)
ne, will the rest of HS7 got to be on spotlight too? be partner up with some one or it juz gonna be yamada & yuto??? juz curious about chinen...haha...
but, i love ur story!!!! waiting for the next updates... :)
Jun. 28th, 2013 07:21 am (UTC)
Yup all of them would have their own spotlight. ^_^

hopefully i will be able to update this weekend.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
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