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Last of the Akumas - Plan 03

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 03
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Summary: I'm too lazy to write a summary, but all sums up to akumas boys being hot! hahah you know you girls can't resist~ XP
Warning: Akuma boys
A.N.alsykt here again~

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Bokutachi wa… tenshi jya nai… Akuma desu.Collapse )

Last of the Akumas - Plan 02

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 02
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Summary: I'm too lazy to write a summary, but all sums up to akumas boys being hot! hahah you know you girls can't resist~ XP
Warning: Akuma boys
A.N.alsykt here again~ the author, herself is lazy to post her own fic in her own journal and I as her good friend help her. And I'm suppose to be watching HeySay 2010 Ten JUMP concert now!!! XP I am not talking bad about her in her own journal. *looks innocently* XP  haha, enjoy the next chapter! 

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There was a new club formed today… it is known as the Angels ClubCollapse )

Last of the Akumas - Plan 01

Title: Last of the Akumas
Pairing: HS7 and other characters, Inootome
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Warning: Akuma boys
A.N.alsykt  on the job here! Back to post my friend's 2nd season of the Akumas! This time this fic features HS7 and HSB might be back in action as well. Read on to find out! XP 

The Akumas are backCollapse )
Hey girls!! I'm alsykt here~ Remember me?
I'm here to post the special edition of my friend's fanfic which I had previously posted.
Its a sequel and final and its quite short though... but i still do hope you enjoy it!

If you have not read the chapters, go read it! =)

Title: Watashi wa… Akuma desu.
Author: angel_yin 
Pairing: HSB and other characters, Inootome
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Summary: The Akumas have found happiness... but what are they planning to do to the clubhouse and the status of the Akumas when they're graduating?
Warning: Akuma boys

01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 // 08 // 09 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 //  23 // 24 // 25 // // 26 // Epilogue // Sequel01- The misfortunes of Taro-kun //

Special Edition of Akumas: Just when you think that they’re gone, they come back to haunt you.Collapse )

09 April

Staying at home to watch “They Kiss Again"/"It Started With a Kiss 2".

I was intending to watch Nodame Cantabile the movie with Alsy... but we found out last night that neither of us checked out the timing and venue for the movie since it's going to end soon. So in the end the outing was cancelled.

Holidays for poly is coming to an end soon~
I'll have to return to my busy schdule... i don't really like it when i don't have time to write fics.

Hmmmm, anyways, just so to let those who are interested know... I've been writing. ^_^
Also, alsy's haunting nightmare isn't over just yet. Haiiii~
so anyways, we'll just see how it goes... the fic is around.... halfway done...? or something like that. i was just playing with the same old concept of the akumas... but we'll see how it goes... i'm not sure if i should post it.
i might be dissappointed~ and other readers (if there are any) might not be interested in it as well.

Perhaps i'll just post the first chapter up to see how the review is.
I'll get Alsy to beta it soon.



26 Jan 2010

'Now' seems like forever when you've got projects and tests and everything else that you don't like.
i'm definitely missing Alsy and her 'haunting-me-for-fic' days.T.T
not that i'm not doing a fic right now, Alsy knows that i am but its just that no one comments on my posts so i'll just blabber to myself for now... until i'm active again.

I seldom post in livejournal--not because i've got a blog (i don't really post there too <_<) but because i've got projects on hand right now.
school starts to stink when you've gotta do calculations everyday!
Urgh.. business is SO tough.
there's a hell lot of research, it's like... all about updates on which country is doing better at the moment, and brands... URGH.
BRANDS. i grew up not caring about brands and now there's all sorts of names out there that i don't know about!
oh well, at least i'm trying to remember.

what else... so, i've got two more presentations to go and four more major exams... right in the heaven of Chinese New Year.
GREAT. there goes my new year.
not to mention guitar grading exam..... <_<
can i just snap myself into threes so that i can write my fic, do my projects and also practice for guitar at the same time?


10 November

This is my fourth week of school and projects are already starting.
I'm working on two fics currently but i'm not sure if you guys would like it... and since very few people visits my lj.
Do you guys prefer Angels to Basketball???
I'm not sure about what alsy thinks but i'll ask her soon enough.
i think she's very busy now too~ T.T
too busy to talk to me.... <_< HARHAR. >.< *gets bricked*

Never mind, i love you, alsy! haha~

Anyways, i feel so happy<3
I love my crazy friends and i love everyday that i spend with them<3
i feel thankful that they are there, this bunch of crazy classmates that i have!!! haha~

So... i'll let you guys pick.
Please comment and tell me which one do you prefer????
The Angels or just Yuto alone...?

22 Oct

School started and now it's near the end of the first week of my second semester.
My timetable is pretty hectic and from the looks of things... alsy might have to miss a few chapters of the latest fic that i'm writing on her beloved yuto.
one thing about the fic that i'm currently writing.... it's really hilarious. the names are somehow connected. Yuto, Keito, Kento. (the TO trio.)

So, school is definitely draining my energy and i'm already missing my daily dosage of the je boys. T.T
feed me. *opens mouth wide*
Hmmmm.... what else?
Well, i'm going for my grading exam for my guitar next year... march. urgh.  it's tough... i hope that i'll pull through. wish me luck.

so, i hope that everything is going well for you guys~<3
i'll write again soon... and hopefully more about the fic that alsy thinks that i should be posting up. haha.


11 sep-thank you.

So... i was watching Channel 8 and there was this show about.... cooks? i believe, i don't really remember the title >.<
hmmmm.... and then i was just staring into space when the ending song played until it came to the chorus.... then it started to sound a teeny bit familiar and when i jumped up, my aunt thought i was nuts. <_<
forget about that.
Back to the ending song... if i'm not wrong, it's 'We can make it!' by Arashi.
But then, it's in chinese and a female singer sang that. ^_^ sounds good~

akumas!!Collapse )