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Last of the Akumas - Plan 04

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 04
Author: angel_yin
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Summary: These boys are out to cheat girls' feelings...but are they that bad?
Warning: Akuma boys.
A.N.: alsykt here again posting on behalf for my friend~ I wonder if there is anyone who still remembers about this fic? The last chapter updated was like 3 years ago...omg...I just realised. XP. I sure hope someone does remember.
This was a sequel Watashi wa...Akuma desu where the HSB were the seniors.

// 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // ... //

Chapter 04: The Angels

“I’m telling you that they’re not Angels!!! They’re Akumas!!!!” Rina continued screaming in the middle of the hallway, hoping to catch someone’s attention but in vain. She was desperately trying to inform the rest of the student body about the Akumas but the students seemed to have regarded her as someone who went insane after dropping to the lowest class.

“Shouting in the middle of the hallway about us being Akumas knowing that it’s not going to work…” Yamada scoffed as he entered the room, “How dumb can someone like her get?”

“Uh… let me guess… very dumb?” Keito mocked and continued to stack the blocks on the coffee table carefully as Yamada fell into the royal red armchair with a satisfied grin.

“Ryuu-Chan!!!!” Chinen rushed into the room, whining for his best friend, Ryutaro, with reddening cheeks that seemed a little swollen, “Those girls keep on pinching my cheeks!!!!”

“Daijyobu~” Ryutaro comforted the shorter guy by patting his head affectionately with a gentle smile on his face, “It’s because they like Chii-Chan, that’s why.”

“Well, if it’s because they like me, then I’m alright with it~” Chinen brightened up almost immediately just when Yuto strolled into the room casually, shutting the door carefully behind him.

“There’s a commotion going on outside about how Rina is losing her mind after a workout of her allergy.” Yuto sniffed, “It’s just absolutely hilarious.”

“Nice.” Keito remarked and exchanged high fives with Yuto while Ryutaro continued to snip off the stems of the flowers peacefully on the other side of the room.

“This looks like it’s so fun!!!” Chinen squealed in delight and made a puppy face at the other four, “Can I have a go next??? Can I?? Can I???”

“Chii-Chan can wait a little while longer.” Yuto licked his luscious lips sexily and threw a hand onto the rectangular table while staring at the white boards in front of him, “It’s my turn now.”

“Demo… acting again so fast? Will Kusanagi and the rest of the school become suspicious of us…?” Ryutaro asked worriedly and Yamada smiled at the youngest guy, patting his cheeks gently and reassured him, “Don’t worry, Ryuu-Chan, no one will realize it.”

“Because we’re Angels…” Keito explained on behalf of Yamada while Yuto just grinned mischievously.

“Hayashida Michiyo…” Yuto muttered as the five Angels strode through the hallway of the school, ignoring the ear piercing screams of the girls and with only one target in mind.

Yuto smiled cunningly at the photo that he held up to his face in admiration, “Why her…?” Yamada asked in an uninterested manner, taking a glance at the photo of the girl.

“Ryuu-Chan and I don’t have any grudges against her…” Chinen said innocently when Keito looked at them, “Don’t look at us like that, I’m just as confused as you guys are.”

Then, stopping in the middle of the hallway, Yuto twirled around gracefully to look at his friends and explained, “Just because… I simply love her face.”

“Oh, you love her face…” Keito mumbled while nodding his head with a slight smile before they reached her classroom.

“You’re just going to announce it here??? Like that!?” Chinen was amused, “This is no fun at all~” he whined and made an obvious pout, “I thought you would do something more exciting, Yuto-Kun…”

“Well, just watch on, Chii… be entertained.” Yuto smiled in reply before gently knocking on the door of the classroom full of both girls and guys, Yuto then pushed the photo into the pocket of his school coat and asked politely, “I’m looking for Hayashida Michiyo.”

“Hai… that’s me!” a bold girl stood up and announced proudly, much to the surprise of her classmates, “Is anything the matter?”

“Oh,” Yuto muttered and blushed shyly, to the bewilderment of the rest of the Angels and continued in a soft murmur, “I was wondering… if you would like to be my date for this coming ball to celebrate the starting of the semester.”

“Y-You want me to be your date?” she stammered in shock, petrified by the beauty of the Angel standing before her very eyes.

“Well…” he hesitated, “If you already have someone else in mind… then…”

“No!!” Michiyo interrupted the Angel, “I don’t have anyone in mind! I would love to be your date!!”

The Angels smirked with their arms folded… another fun game.


Kanon was once again back in the music room where she pushed aside the creamy white silk that was covering the piano and gently lifted the cover to touch the white keys. The sound delighted her and she settled into the seat immediately to play. Her nimble fingers danced lightly on the piano, making it look almost effortless as she sank deeper into her world of music and her head nodding lightly where it reached it peak and swiftly taking it down the climax again. Just as she was enjoying in her little world where she roamed freely, someone took her down when the door opened with a soft ‘click’.

“Ah, it’s you again.” Yuto said awkwardly, “Sorry for interrupting, I just found it nice.”

Kanon could only nod in reply at the sight of the Angel standing before her. “I’m sorry, I must’ve startled you.” Yuto sighed with a slight grin tugging at the edge of his lips, “I haven’t properly introduced myself to you, I apologize… I’m Nakajima Yuto. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too…” Kanon nodded with a tiny smile, staring at the guy who was still standing at the door where the sunlight streamed into the dark music room while she remained hidden in the darkness.

“I see that Kento isn’t doing his job too well by leaving you alone here…” Yuto smirked, “I apologize on behalf of my brother.”

“It’s okay.” Kanon replied timidly with a hint of tremor in her voice, at the sight of the Angel bowing in front of her and she got up immediately, frightened.

“I thought you were playing the cello the other time?” Yuto questioned and pushed down a key on the piano, “Why switch to the piano?” It must’ve been Sakiko whom he saw… Kanon thought silently while biting her lower lip and waited for him to leave the room… something that he isn’t just about going to do.

Not knowing what to reply, Kanon just stood at where she was as he inched closer by sitting down on the cushioned seat and looked at her, “By the way… the ‘C’… is a tiny bit off key. You might want to get someone to tune this piano.”

Kanon just nodded with her mouth clamped shut and ran off before Yuto could say another word. Yuto chuckled silently and stared at the piano, “I thought she liked the cello…” he mumbled to himself before shaking his head at the puzzle.


Yamada stood still in the garden of the school where the humongous fountain was situated at. It stretched to occupy a wooden bridge between the two sprinklers where the water danced and slightly drenching the miniature bridge. He sat on the flat handhelds at the side of the bridge and listened to his music player while admiring the change of the colour every few seconds. The light switched from red to pink, then to purple, making the fountain look like it just stepped out of a fairytale.

“The Akumas never came here after they left.” Chinen said, ruining the nostalgic moment in the perfect portrait that Yamada was painting in his head, “Why do you think so?”

“Because… they thought that everything was over.” Yamada replied when Chinen sat down beside him, “But it actually isn’t.”

“They… ruined our dreams, didn’t they?” Chinen chuckled and grinned at Yamada, “I always thought that they were great people. Who would’ve thought that they’d get themselves pinned down by girls?”

“Well, Chii…” Yamada sighed, “This is why… we have to complete this curse. No, this legacy… we must not let it end just like that.”

“Even if the entire world hates us…” Chinen added with a smile, “We’ll continue.”

“Ever thought that girls are beautiful?” Yamada asked randomly, “I thought that my mother was beautiful… that is… until she left for another man.”

“Well,” Chinen sighed and looked up at the cloudless sky, “I thought that… my nanny was beautiful. I never once saw my mother and father.”

“That’s because you don’t need them.” Yamada pointed out, “They only need you to inherit their business… that’s what all of us are here for. To be like those Akumas...”

“What’s so good about them?” Chinen asked curiously, “What’s so good about them that makes people look up to them?”

“That’s because, Chii…” Yamada muttered with a cunning grin before turning stern again and continued, “They’re evil.”


“Are we just going to target the girls within the school?” Keito asked curiously as he slumped onto the sofa, “It’s going to get boring sooner or later.”

“Well… if you’re done digesting your appetizer… you might want to pick out something else for your main dish.” Yuto prompted kindly.

“Or you can have some snacks~” Chinen added on in a sing-song voice, swinging his legs gaily as he sat on the table and popped a candy into his mouth.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have some snacks… I saw this beautiful girl from a school within this area… I might meet her again.” Keito said coolly and flipped open his cell phone, “I even got a photo of her!!” he exclaimed, causing Chinen and Ryutaro to stare wide-eyed at the small screen in front of their faces.

“Whoa…” Chinen gaped, “She’s gorgeous…”

“Pretty~” Ryutaro chimed in, amazed.

Satisfied, Keito snapped the phone shut and agreed, “I told you so!”

“Nice~” Chinen commented, “I think she’ll be a good snack. A sweet one in fact…”

“Ryutaro loves sweet snacks.” Ryutaro chimed in, smiling to himself gladly while Yamada and Yuto just smiled at the three in front of them, enjoying their afternoon.

“So… how is Michiyo, Yuto?” Yamada asked curiously, “it seems that you’re not doing anything, aren’t you bored?”

Yuto smirked and mentioned for the Angels to look out of the window where Michiyo sat alone at the school field. “I don’t have to do anything. She’s courting her own death.” Yuto remarked with arms crossed, “She so over the moon about being my date that she’s abusing her authority as my date.”

“Pretty much a friendless girl, huh?” Chinen scoffed, “I hate people like her.”

“Ryuu-Chan has a present for her.” Ryutaro said with a smile and the rest of the Angels turned to look at him with an evil smirk on their faces…

[Chapter 5]


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