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Last of the Akumas - Plan 06

Title: Last of the Akumas - Plan 06
Author: angel_yin
Pairing: HS7 and other characters
Rating: PG
Genre: Humor
Summary: These boys are out to cheat girls' feelings...but are they that bad?
Warning: Akuma boys.
A.N.: alsykt here again posting on behalf for my friend~ as promised I'll be spamming the chapters.
This was a sequel Watashi wa...Akuma desu where the HSB were the seniors.

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Chapter 06: Candy Girl

As Keito popped a lollipop into his mouth and stared at the photo in his hands, he rested his legs on the arm rest of the long elegant sofa and smiled to himself. “Keito…? I thought you hate candies…?” Chinen crawled over to him curiously and took a glimpse at the photo of the girl, “Who is she?”

“Kamishima Kazue.” Keito said as a matter-of-factly and threw her photo onto the coffee table, “she works in a candy shop.”

“Oooh~!!!!!! That’s why…” Chinen grew excited at the mention of candies and clapped his hands like a little kid, “Then then then, that means that Chii-Chan will be able to get lots of candies right?!?!?!?”

“Ryuu-Chan can give Chii candies too.” Ryutaro stated and looked away from the tea set.

“Sou da yo~” Chinen thought for a second before saying, “I guess Ryuu-Chan’s candies will taste sweeter… Keito can have her then!”

“Demo, Chii…” Keito called out to the miniature guy in front of him and said, “Do you think Yuto will want her too?”

“Nah~ I don’t think so.” Chinen replied confidently, “Yuto was just done with his snack. Besides, Yuto never had a thing for candy girls.”

“Demo… Keito, how did you get to know her?” Ryutaro asked curiously, slightly distracted from his work.

“Hmmm… from voluntary work…”


Sakiko sat on well mowed lawn and lay on the grass with a big sigh. She stared up at the clouds as she thought about Misaki who was playing the piano with Kanon in the living room. Turning her head to look at the two through the full-length windows, Sakiko smiled. “Sakiko-Sama…” Kento called out to her, “Should I talk to Misaki about this?”

“No, just leave it.” Sakiko replied without looking at Kento, “She knows what she’s doing… as for Misaki… just let him go…”

“Demo, Sakiko-Sama…”

“It’s alright, Kento.” Sakiko cut him off with a smile on her face, “Kanon should learn to stand on her own…”


Keito was once again at the orphanage, playing with the kids for the third time for that month. “Kazue-Chan…!” Keito called out to the slender girl who came to visit the orphans with a bright smile on her face, “How are you today?”

“I’m great! Arigatou~” Kazue replied shyly and hooked a spray of hair behind her ear.

Little did Keito know that someone was over there as well, it was Kitagawa Keiko who was observing the kids from the rooftop.

“Angelina,” Keiko called out to the director who came up to look for the young mother, “do you know why is that boy here?”

“Ah, that’s Okamoto Keito-San!” Angelina gasped and immediately swooned, “he’s quite the young man that anyone would love you know? A lot of girls are attracted to him including our kids! I must say… he’s suave! He’s volunteering for a while over here since he has the free time, he said.”

“Sou...?” Keiko muttered rested her head on the back of her hand as she continued to observe the Angel who was now running off hand in hand with Kazue, “Hmmm, but isn’t he engaged before leaving England…?”


“Ne, Keito… do you love kids?” Kazue asked casually, grapping at the ends of her skirt while she stared at the beach in front of her.

“I adore them.” Keito replied plainly, running a hand handsomely through his hair that was messed by the wind, “I had a brother who was sent away to another country because he’s sick… I wonder how is he doing now na~”

“You must really miss him a lot ne.” Kazue sighed and went over to hug him timidly, “but it’s alright now, Keito… I’ll always be here for you. I can share your burden and help you pray for your brother… you won’t be alone.”

After saying that, Kazue took in a deep breath and boldly pressed her pink lips onto Keito’s. Keito grinned for a moment before he pulled her away, and said, “Ok. Game over.”

“Game over?” Kazue laughed, “What was that about?”
Keito smiled and touched his lips with his fingertips and thought carefully, “Hmmm… considering the fact that I never liked kids, never had a brother and was never a long-term volunteer… this is the end of the game...!”

“Huh? Keito, what are you talking about?”
Keito burst into a wide grin and explained with his hands tucked into his pockets, “I was fooling with you.”

“Fooling…?” she muttered, surprised and loss for words at the sudden confession that confused her inside-out. She remained astonished for a moment before her face lit up with horror and she gaped, “Then… Then… all of these… those children… your brother… those stories that you’ve told me…”

“Oh that!?” Keito laughed and clapped his hands at the joke, “I bought them over using the candies that you gave me.”

“You… you bought them over using the candies?”

“Sorry, Kamishima-San, but…” Keito shrugged and replied coldly, “I hate to eat candies.”
A white limo slowed to a stop on the road beside them with Keito standing beside the door, “I hate to say this but… you disappoint me. It ended too soon.”

“But… but… what a minute! What is this about!? Why are you doing this to me!? I’ve never done anything wrong to you!”

“This is the game of an Akuma.” Keito whispered beside her ear before smiling and sliding gracefully into the car, leaving the girl dumbfounded and standing there while the limousine drove off, “Heh…” Keito scoffed before rubbing his chin and stared at the shocked reflection of the girl through the rear mirror, “Watashi wa… Akuma desu.”

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